Mission Statement About Us

This website is being constructed by Dawne & Joe Hallock for the Glory of God.  Jesus made us missionaries almost 14 years ago and we have had a wonderful journey with Him during these years.

Our mission is to promote the truth in all things by the help of Jesus or Yahushua ha’Mashiach and the Holy Spirit (Ruah ha’Qodesh).  Jesus has been our main provider for over 18 years – almost 14 of them in a foreign country where we knew hardly anyone.  He has trained us to trust Him completely for our daily sustenance and we have never lacked anything.  He is awesome.

Our desire is to share with others who are interested in learning to trust Him if they want to hear how He worked with us.  We love people with the love of the Father and just want the best for them.  🙂  We look forward to hearing from you.