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Jesus has a wonderful plan for your life. You can find out what God’s Plan is for your life by reading it here. (When you place your cursor over the page, the menu at the bottom will let you scroll through the pages for each book.)

01 God's Plan For Your Life

Now that you know what God’s really good plan for you is, here is the next step in your journey to eternal life with Him. Please continue reading as these are important steps in your understanding.

What is Water Baptism?

02 Water Baptism

It would be good to find a Bible or online so you can check these references out for yourself.

Now that you have come this far, it’s time for another free gift from the Father. Would you like that? Of course you would. Who doesn’t like free gifts? Read further and say the prayer at the end of the book out loud to receive the free gift.

03 The Holy Spirit

About this time, you are probably wondering what you do with all this information.  You now have all you need to survive in this world, but you need to know how to use the tools you have.  Read on to find out about the Power of God.

04 Power

In the beginning, before sin entered the world, man had dominion over everything, even the animals. Adam lost that dominion, but the good news is that Yahushua (Jesus) took it back for you when He went to the Cross.  Continue reading to find out how to use the Dominion you have now.

05 Dominion

Do you or do you know someone who needs healing? There is more good news. Yahushua died and rose again so you could be completely healed of anything. Here is how to access that healing.

06 God's Plan For Healing

Is money scarce? Do you need to know about what God has to say about money? It’s all right here.

07 Financial Blessings

Now that you know about the blessings of Finances, how do you release them so you can use them? Keep reading!


Do you have troubles at home? Things not going right? Children not obedient? Here is the plan that God set up that works when we follow it.

09 Developing God's Order For the Home

Are you upset? Lacking patience? Wondering how you can be at peace? You’re in the right place to find out.

10 Patience

Are you tired?  Just need some rest?  Tired of struggling?  Here is His plan for rest.

11 God's Rest

Now that you’ve been learning about Yahushua (Jesus) and walking in His way, you may be feeling like you’d like to share Him with others that don’t know Him. Here is a good way to do that.

12 Loving Witness

Sometimes when you are following Jesus people may come against you. When they do, here is a good way to handle the problem.

13 Love's Response

Are you feeling pressured by others to do something you don’t want to do? That is a common thing to have happen when you are going in the right Way. Here are more tips to help you through.


Do you feel like you would like to worship Jesus because of all the great things He has done for you? Do you wonder how to do that? Here’s the way.


Do you want to do everything God’s way so you can receive all of His blessings? Here is some interesting information on how to do that.

16 The Lord's Day

When you start to see things God’s way, you begin to have vision.  Here’s about a Vision.


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