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These are some of the ministries that we work with as we help each other.  – Rapture Registry is for Christians who want to help their unsaved loved ones by sending them to a site they can find out more info about Jesus after the Rapture (or before, if they are open to that).


Agape Orphans in Uganda – Click here to watch a video update.

We have been involved with helping these 200 children since 2009.  God has been providing for them through others and ourselves, but since they are children and growing, there are always needs.  Anything you care to donate for them will be given completely to them.  Currently there are 20 children who have no home to stay in and there are no beds for them or lights in this room.  The school is also still under construction and funds are needed to finish the school so they can have places for the orphans to live as well as go to school. – This is a site that is designed to get you out of distress and enter His rest.