Word of the Lord Mar. 21, 22


Stand strong in the hope of your calling. I have not forsaken you and I will open doors that have been shut and make a way for you to move forward. Be faithful in the small things and the larger issues will take care of themselves.
Isaiah 42:16 I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them and crooked places straight. These things I will do for them and not forsake them.
March 18, 2022
Angela García
Daughter write My Words. My Words were meant to be shared, good or bad for the ear and heart. In the long run it is for their best interest. I search the hearts so lost in this world. Why do they not seek the Father properly? On bended knee, fasting and in My Word!!! You will not find Me in this world children do not stray away farther each day, it is not for the wise. I come to commune daily but where are they? I am who I say I am, the great I am, for ears to hear My Words.

Who do they say I am Daughter? Messiah? Jesus the Christ? The Father? The Alpha and Omega? The King of Kings? They know Me not nor care to as they walk away in their own lusts of this world! Where their attention lies there lies their heart! Have I not called My elect, My prodigals? Oh children, where are you? Lost in this cold hearted world?!

I came that you would have life in abundance, I am but a prayer away and My rewards I bring for each as they deserve. Where are the hearts My children? Seek Me now while you still can, while I may be found! I AM but a prayer away. I call from the rooftops I send My messengers/prophets. NOW is that time, will you awaken? Will you listen and see with your heart the times you are living? You are the generation that will see everything that is written come to pass. Listen to My Words children now is not the time to play but to listen!

There is a time for everything and the time we are in is to awaken and hearken to My Words! Open those hearts to hear what My Words are speaking; time to awaken from the slumber! In My Word children open up the living book. I pull the heartstrings, open up the living truth! I will speak directly to your heart. Try Me you will see; pray for understanding. I am the only way, soon it all stops, the seeking and searching of My chosen generation! The judgments before the wrath open up to see where you are in these times My Words are being played out and you know not the time! Awaken My Children awaken to the time! Soon it all comes down calamity after calamity! Open that living Bible! Know I am the way!

Jesus Messiah,
Yeshua ha’Mashiach,
The Great I AM
1 Samuel 16:7
2 Chronicles 7:14
Psalm 31:24
Proverbs 4:20-22, 9:10
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Isaiah 55:6
Jeremiah 17:10
Malachi 3:10
Matthew 6:21, 7:21-23, 10:27, 11:15, 16:13
John 14:6
Romans 13:11
1 Peter 2:9-23, 4:17
Revelation 3:20

March 21, 2022. Communication skills are not a top priority. They should be. A lot of trouble stems from them not being so important. You were not taught to communicate well in your growing up years. It should have been. But there is nothing you can do about your childhood family. There is something you can do about your family now. Let those you love know about what is going on in your life. All of us need to learn to communicate.

Ephesians 4:29-30 “Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give favor to those who hear. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.” Bev Robinson

March 21, 2022. Yes, that was Me! You have been wondering if it was Me or just chance or good luck. Being righteous, all your steps are ordered by Me. I am the one who provides you work, I am the one who guides you to good deals, I am the one who alerts you, I am the one who brings you peace. Open your eyes to the unseen world now and see My angels hard at work.

Psalm 91: 10-11 “No harm will come to you. No sickness will come near your house. He will put His angels in charge of you to protect you in all your ways.”  Robin Robinson Bohlin

Word of the Lord Mar. 20, 22

Examine yourself to find out whether you are in true belief or not. You can trust Me to help you. I will bring correction without condemnation. I would have you to become the best version of yourself, to be all that you can be and become what I have designed you to be, says the Lord.
Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.
You can only take one step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other, until you get through this tedious time. Make the most of every day as you strive to do the best you can do to stay on track spiritually. You are establishing a foundation on which to build your future in My kingdom. The foundation is the least interesting yet the most important part of your structure.
Luke 6:48 He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently against that house and could not shake it, for it was founded on the rock.
March 18, 2022

Revelation 4:6-8
6 Also in front of the throne there was what looked like a sea of glass, clear as crystal. In the center, around the throne, were four living creatures and they were covered with eyes, in front and in back. 7 The first living creature was like a lion, the second was like an ox, the third had a face like a man, the fourth was like a flying eagle. 8 Each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around, even under its wings. Day and night they never stop saying: “‘Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,’ Who was and is and is to come.”

When we say God is good, we mean God is perfectly good. The Scripture tells us, “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24.

The Lord said He has shown me everything. There are many which I kept as personal. Now, I have to tell you something special so that the world knows how good God is. Indeed He gives without asking Him and hears before we speak. I have written my lamentations. The Lord, seeing my tears says, ”You can write your lamentations too.” I don’t want to anger my Lord writing my lamentations and if I write, you will cry which I don’t want you to. For samples, I have written few words about the attacks and torments of the enemy.

Now, it is time for the surprise. What is written below is what is waiting for all of the children of the Lord. Showers of gifts are waiting for you. True to the Words of the Lord, “The gifts are so many, the rewards untold!” The following is our story, not the story of only one person.

Words of the Lords and revelations as recorded on time.

I. In Front of The Throne of God!
(Revelation Of July 29, 2016)
“You will appear in front of The Throne of God.” I saw the head of an Eagle. The Eagle speaks and said, “You will appear in front of the Throne of God.” I didn’t know what it meant and have no idea if an Eagle speaks but I kept it in my mind.

II. The Bright, Glistening, shining floor like clear Ice/glass.
(Vision Of July 30, 2016)
After much morning prayer-kneeling, tired and semi-sleeping, in a swift vision, I saw a floor bright glistening and “People” around it on three sides, the fourth side was not visible. I didn’t count the number of the “People” but they are equal on three sides and the middle was like ice/glass shining. Still I didn’t know what I saw. It was fast. I tried to concentrate but what I was seeing was from very far and limited in the details.

III. The Word of the Lord. The Gifts and the Reward!
(Revelation Of 12/10?/2016)
In audible clear voice I heard The Lord say:- “The gifts are so many, the rewards untold.”

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him. (1 Corinthians 2:9)

IV. In Front of The Throne of God.
(Revelation Of December 20, 2020 ~ 3:00am)
In front of the Throne of God -A Blessing.
The same way I saw The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit a few years earlier, I am seeing what is happening in the very remote far end of the universe. In a swift vision, I see two young people, a young man and a girl kneeling, bowing with humility and receiving a blessing, a wedding like blessing from the Throne room of our Father in heaven. The two are dressed like human beings but clean and nice. I see to my left side the Majestic Throne and our Lord sitting. The two in front of the Lord being blessed. The two beings are very small in front of the Majestic Throne of Almighty God. Both the young girl and the young man are kneeling by their left knees and resting their two arms on their right bent knees. It is a ceremony, an honoring ceremony. I see the Lord up high on the Throne and the two on a lower ground on the floor in front of the Throne, our heavenly Father blessing His children.

This is such an undeserving great honor and I felt the Love and the care of our Father with humility, the kneeling and the bowing two. Greatly loved. I saw everything at once in a swift, fast vision.

A Gift, a blessing and the greatest Honor from our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Lord of Hosts, the Highest, Almighty God our Lord.


1. The young girl passed in 1991 with stray bullets with her younger sister. This is the same girl I saw with her sister preparing the banquet of the wedding supper of the Lamb. This is the same girl the Lord showed me with a beauty unimaginable. I have seen beauty and never like the Lord made her.
Just recently, the Lord came to visit me. Then, the Lord said, “I have your beauty” referring to the same girl. No more detail is necessary.

2. The young man is me.
God is Perfectly good. We have seen it. We are the living witnesses!

Jeremiah 17:7-8
7. Blessed is the man that trusts in the Lord and whose expectation is the Lord. 8. For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters and that spreads out her roots by the river and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.

Word of the Lord Mar. 19, 22


Look up and put your belief in Me. It has been hard to find a ray of sunshine and expectation, but hang on. I will bring you through the darkness and the maze of despair. You are My own special treasure and I have not forgotten nor forsaken you. I am with you.
2 Corinthians 4:8-10 We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.

March 19, 2022. Walk closely with Me. Listen for My voice and you will see things you have never seen before. You are right on target of being where you are. You have thought of moving, but don’t do it just now. I have plans for your success. If you will stay with Me right where you are and continue doing what I say, you will be a part of the bigger things that are coming. Don’t bolt and run.

Luke 24:49 “And behold, I am sending the promise of My Father upon you. But stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”  Bev Robinson

March 19, 2022. When you allow Me to be your Father, meaning you do what I say and listen to Me and obey, you will have a miraculous life. Everything about Me is supernatural and you will follow in My footsteps. This means you can be protected, have provision and live in happiness no matter the situation. But our relationship is the key. Let Me guide your every step. Choose to live as Jesus lived.

1 Corinthians 15:28 “But when God puts everything under Christ’s authority, the Son will put Himself under God’s authority, since God had put everything under the Son’s authority. Then God will be in control of everything.”  Robin Robinson Bohlin

Word of the Lord Mar. 18, 22


Discernment is one thing and judging is another. When you catch yourself criticizing or judging someone harshly, remember that you are sowing seeds that will produce a harvest of judgment in your own life. You really must treat others as you would like to be treated. Do not ever think that you are exempt from the law of sowing and reaping.
Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.

March 18, 2022. You feel like you don’t know what you are doing and you don’t know what is ahead. I have shown you thus far, but it’s what lies ahead that is uncertain. Do not worry. Have no fear. I will show you at the moment you need it. Continue to operate in belief. What you are doing will bless many. You haven’t known this before, but now you know. Go ahead and finish.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for good and not for calamity to give you a future and an expectation. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me and I will listen to you.”  Bev Robinson

March 18, 2022. You have slipped over into isolation. This is a dangerous place to be. I have made you to be communal. This is why I say do not forsake the assembling of yourselves. You are not made to “go it alone.” Why? Because the enemy of your soul seeks to isolate the sheep from the sheepfold. You will now have to make an effort to come back into the fold. Come out of isolation – your life depends on it.

Romans 12:5 “In the same way, even though we are many members, Christ makes us one body and members who are connected to each other.”  Robin Robinson Bohlin

Word of the Lord Mar. 17, 22


Set your heart and choose to value all that is eternal above what you have and what you do. It is easy to undervalue your life in the Spirit because it is invisible, but you would do well and be wise to make it your first priority. Selah 
Matthew 19:29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life.
January 19, 2022

My daughter- type these words for MY own. Many of MY own have not fully surrendered. (Though many believe that they have.) Ask MY children this: Have you come to the point that you too can have mercy on people you see to be evil? Do you long for them to live in eternal damnation? Or have you come to the point in your consciousness that you pray for all those you see as “evil”?You see my loves, just like you, the hearts of so many have been allured and captured by the enemy into his snare. You My children have seen MY light and have been released from his snare, but there are others that are still caught up in HIS lies. Do you wish ME to leave them there because some of MY own are uncomfortable- maybe even suffering? Remember MY loves back to when you were caught in his snare…what if I would have answered the prayers of MY suffering servants back then? Then where would you be?Wishing and praying for escape should be replaced MY loves, by prayer for those still blinded and in the throes of evil. These that you pray for are MY creation. Yes, they are apart from ME, NOT walking out of MY will for them and some even engaged in incomprehensible deeds, but are WE not to pray for them? Remember in MY Word it says that I’ve gone to prepare a place for you and that the sufferings you face in this earthly realm are nothing in comparison to what I have in store for you?

When MY bride begins to take pity on the lost and begins to believe – actually believe-in MY restorative POWER then and only then will SHE be unleashed into MY GREATER (GREATEST) works. At this time much of MY bride still holds on to this prejudice against a large part of MY creation. A large part of MY HARVEST. I will not harvest a field that is not yet ripened. The longer it takes for MY bride to see her error the longer she must tarry. The greater works that MY bride will have set before her will one day will come, but not until her compassion for the lost and even the evil reaches a fever pitch.You see My loves the enemy has beguiled many of MY own and only thru your intercession will many of these be released from his grasp. Is it still hard for you to pray for the restoration of the heart of someone you see as wicked? MY bride must reach beyond this and expand her wisdom! Some of you are here and hate is not in your vocabulary, yet others do not separate the action from the actor.

You see, My children, some continue to demonize My creation and they fail to see the source of evil- the enemy himself. Hate the evil yes, but pray that the “evil doers” are restored and that their hearts of stone are softened. Pray that many more receive the FREE GIFT of MY SALVATION, that MY harvest is ABUNDANT and a BOUNTIFUL presentation to MY FATHER!

Pray to receive MY wisdom and understanding that you must see beyond actions and into hearts, that many lost sheep must make the journey home to their CREATOR. This is what I ask. This is what I long for. This is a glimpse into MY heart! I love ALL MY CHILDREN.

Yeshua ha’Mashiah

March 17, 2022. Persistence, insistence and even demanding will pay off. Take back the peace that Satan has stolen. You can do this. Do not quit. It does not have to be with the fervor it once was. Just quietly stay with it; have resolve in your heart. I know you are getting tired, but you can take it back and get more of all I have given you. I gave it and will stay with you until all is complete.

Philippians 4:7 “And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Bev Robinson

March 17, 2022. My Son asked a very important question. He asked His disciples, “Who do you think I am?” To receive all that I have for you, you must answer that question. Who is My Son to you? Is He a fairy tale? Is He a legend? Is He a fictitious character? No! He is Christ, My Son. In your heart you must decide just who He is to you. Live life with Christ, Son of the living God.

Matthew 16:16 “Simon Peter answered, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.’”Jonas Bohlin

Word of the Lord Mar. 16, 22


I, the Lord, am your pilot if you will allow Me to be. Do nothing apart from My leading and I will illuminate the path before you as I take you by a way that you have not known. It will be a way that you have not yet considered, a highway of holiness and spiritual clarity that will be your delight.
Isaiah 35:8 A highway shall be there and a road and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean shall not pass over it, but it shall be for others. Whoever walks the road, although a fool, shall not go astray.

March 16, 2022. How will you live your life today and in the days to come? Think of it like the flipping of a coin – heads or tails. If tails, you live in fear weighed down underneath the cares of life. If heads, you live above the problems and become an overcomer. It is your choice. Choose Me. Listen to and obey My commandments. Choose belief. Fear is a downward spiral. Belief is an upward movement into the heavenlies. It’s your choice.

Deuteronomy 28:13 “The LORD will make you the head and not the tail and you only will be above and you will not be underneath, if you listen to the commandments of the LORD your God, which I charge you today, to observe them carefully.” Bev Robinson

March 16, 2022. Victim versus Victorious. There are only a few letters different, but they are vast oceans apart. The enemy will strive to keep you as a victim, always at the mercy of others, while I have made you victorious. There is NOTHING you can’t overcome! Keep the past in the past – far away from you. Resurrecting the past will cause your decisions to go awry. Awaken fresh every morning with a clean slate for the new day.

Luke 10:19 “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall hurt you.”Robin Robinson Bohlin

Word of the Lord Mar. 15, 22


To those who continue to worry about things beyond your control, take a break. Your worry accomplishes nothing, but your belief achieves the impossible. Bring your requests to Me in earnest and leave them with Me. Nothing is too difficult for Me. 
1 Peter 1:6-8 In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your belief, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ, Whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him, yet believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.
March 6, 22
Words to His Bride
Your Heavenly Father says:
“I want to take you into the deep things, I want you to eat meat from My Table; to be as aware of Me and as aware of Heaven as a person CAN be when in your type of body. Allow Me to open your eyes to all I have set aside for you before I created the world and you will walk with Me as My Son Jesus walked with Me and through you, I will change the world.”

March 15, 2022. It is time to recoup. Regather yourself. It has recently been a hard time. It has been a new time of activity that you have not yet experienced. It took a lot of energy to go through this. Now rest. Now recoup and regroup. Slow yourself down, even your breathing. Your body needs to be refreshed after going through such a time. I am there with you now just as I was during the hard time.

Deuteronomy 31:6 “Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.” Bev Robinson


March 15, 2022. There is a trap in which it is very easy to be caught. That trap is the trap of offense and unforgiveness. My Son walked the earth for over thirty years. He was reviled, cursed, spat upon, beaten and crucified. He lived His life without being offended; He held no unforgiveness. Allow My Son to be your example today as you encounter those with whom you could have offense and unforgiveness. Choose to walk in complete forgiveness.

Matthew 18:21-22 “Then Peter came and said to Him, ‘Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?’ Jesus said to him, ‘I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.”’Jonas Bohlin

Word of the Lord Mar. 14, 22


Silence your mind and emotions and seek solace in My presence. I am not far from you; I am as close as your heartbeat and your breath. Release the things you worry about to Me and truly set your heart to believe that I will do what you cannot. Come into My rest.

Matthew 11:28-30 Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

March 14, 2022. It is good to want things the way you want them, if it is in line with what I want. Be careful not to get self-centered. I know being self-centered is something you are trying not to do. This makes your life better. You will be blessed if you give more than you receive. You will be happier and more content if you will do this. I teach this throughout My Word. I will help you do this.

Acts 20:35 “In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”  Bev Robinson

March 14, 2022. That, that looms on the horizon is not good. You see the evil and you know things are changing. This has held you in a captive state and I say, change your perspective. You are an overcomer. Nothing that comes against you will stand. Stand strong in the face of adversity for you have the Lord of Hosts by your side. Open your spiritual eyes to the spiritual battle taking place. You are on the victorious side!

Isaiah 54:17 “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment, you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their vindication is from Me, says the Lord.”  Robin Robinson Bohlin

Word of the Lord Mar. 13, 22

Life lived in the Spirit is the place of victory! Therefore, rule in your temple and order your life by My Spirit. No one will do this for you. You are in charge. But, if you seek Me, I will help you. These are challenging days, but you are able to thrive in them because greater am I in you than those who oppose you, says the Lord.
1 John 4:4 You are of God, little children and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.
Even though it seems like the attacks against you have been relentless, you must not give in to discouragement and despair. Steel yourself and stand strong regardless of your temptation to give up. Opposing forces will ultimately serve to strengthen you. I am with you to show you the way to victory. Trust Me, says the Lord.
Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.
March 12, 2022
Elizabeth Marie
Brothers and Sisters,



MESSAGE: received on 3/7/22

First I heard this:

“Stop going into the enemy’s camp.

Prisoners of war….pray that they will be rescued. “ (Luke 4:18)

[Many Christians are now in the enemy’s camp unknowingly. They have become so entangled AND blinded by the world and the world system, that they have become captive to the snares of the enemy. Their TRUTH no longer comes from the WORD of GOD, but from the mouths of LIES from false pastors, teachers, prophets and governments.]

Then I heard this:

“All is not what it seems. The destruction that is and is to come, is all DECEPTIONS and LIES that prevail…..truth is nowhere to be seen!

All the plans of the enemy are coming to fruition – bit by bit. The web is being spun and the trap being laid. Many will be caught with no way out!

Because the deceptions are so great, most are walking blindly and are in the dark. They cannot plan properly, because they do not understand the real issues and what is at stake.

The war spiritually is great and most perceive it not.

How can you win a war, if you do not fight? If you do not fight (spiritually), then you are overcome.

Most think peace, peace, but there is no peace. (Jeremiah 6:14)

Armor up (in the SPIRIT) and ask to be shown where you have been deceived,so that I can instruct you.

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore, take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:10-13  (Read through v. 18 for the full armor.)

“MY people perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) Pray for this knowledge.

Pray for the blinders on your eyes to be removed and for your ears to be unplugged. Pray for the SPIRIT OF DISCERNMENT and TRUTH to surround you.

Then, with eyes wide open, you will be a formidable foe to the enemy of your soul, satan.

Continue to fight the good fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12) and be OVERCOMERS. (Revelation 2:7)

Do not allow yourselves to be defeated in the SPIRIT.

STAND UP FOR ME for MY KINGDOM! Don’t be left out, but be ready for when I come for MY OWN. It shall be like a BRIDEGROOM coming for HIS BRIDE on that glorious day of the SUPPER OF THE LAMB! (Revelation 19:9) I have invited many, but only a few have responded.

STAND UP FOR TRUTH. STAND UP FOR ME.  Together we will prevail!

I love you with an everlasting love,

Parable of the Great Supper: Luke 14:16-24:

“Then He said to him, “A certain man gave a great supper and invited many and sent his servant at supper time to say to those who were invited, ‘Come, for all things are now ready.’ But they all with one accord began to make excuses. The first said to him, ‘I have bought a piece of ground and I must go and see it. I ask you to have me excused.’ And another said, ‘I have bought five yoke of oxen and I am going to test them. I ask you to have me excused.’ Still another said, ‘I have married a wife and therefore I cannot come.’ So that servant came and reported these things to his master. Then the master of the house, being angry, said to his servant, ‘Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city and bring in here the poor and the maimed and the lame and the blind.’ And the servant said, ‘Master, it is done as you commanded and still there is room.’ Then the master said to the servant, ‘Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. For I say to you that none of those men who were invited shall taste my supper.’ ”

2ND MESSAGE: 3/10/22

I decided to put a part of a message that I received on 3/10/22 here since it also has to do with ‘DECEPTION.’ The LORD has been showing me that these false narratives that are now upon the world, are founded in the roots of witchcraft, sorcery and manipulation. The agents of darkness have brought spells and curses upon the world.

“Watch out who you listen to….who you believe. The agents of deception are spinning their webs of lies and witchcraft. (1 Samuel 15:23) They are trying to control and manipulate. Once under their spell, you will be led astray and then you will be far from ME.

I only have the truth. I only have the truth. Have you sought ME for it? Or do you rely on man’s truth? I will enlighten you. I will show the WAY. Do not go down the path of destruction by coming into agreement, aligning yourselves and believing in false narratives.” Many are following Babylon!

“The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.” Revelation 18:23


Word of the Lord Mar. 12, 22


In a vision I saw a door across the room; it was shut, but the light behind the door framed it. It had an inviting quality. And, I heard the Lord say: No longer allow darkness to be your reality. Open the door of your heart to light and life. Allow My supernatural light to infuse you with revelation of My purposes for you. The wisdom that follows will illuminate your path.
Psalm 119:105 Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
March 11, 2022
Barbara FrancisDaughter, speak of the end of the age and the coming judgements. The books will be opened and each one of you will stand before the Creator. Every hidden thing, every detail of your life will be reviewed. Every idle word and deed both good and bad will be brought into the Light and examined. I see deep into men’s hearts. Speak to the unrepentant and evildoers. Speak to the mockers and scoffers. Speak to the unbelievers. Speak to the murderers. I know you and your thoughts, you can not hide from Me. I AM everywhere. I AM all knowing. I AM the beginning and the end.Now the end is before you. If you did not choose to know Me in your earthly time, you will have all eternity to consider your life as a man on earth. Eternity. I have called the humble and meek, I have chosen the simple and contrite to speak in man’s words for your own understanding as My ways are higher. Soon all voices will be silent.I AM going to punish the wicked evildoers. I AM going to bring the proud low. Before I pour out My cup of wrath, I AM going to call My chosen to Me. Man’s atrocities have spiraled out of control. I can’t bear to look at the evil. I must cleanse the earth and rid it of evil again.

March 12, 2022. As a child when there was no one to help, as the saying goes, you pulled yourself up by your own boot straps. Even after I became your Savior and Lord, you did the same. I have always been there for you. I will bail you out of any situation that isn’t good, sometimes completely out, at other times out before it could be a lot worse. I have never left you and never will leave you.

Deuteronomy 31:8 “And the LORD, He is the one who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.” Bev Robinson

March 12, 2022. The day of My return is near! Do not be afraid, but determine ahead of time how you will respond when those in the world will ask you to reject Me. Many will fall away from Me and will surrender to the ways of the dark side. Do not worry. My extra measure of favor will be sufficient for you in the moments of trial and persecution. I will be your guiding light when darkness is all around.

Joel 3:14 “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.” Jonas Bohlin