Word of the Lord July 11, 21

Many of you, My people, have not understood the times and seasons in which you live. Therefore, you must reach out and come to Me. You must ask for and acquire the wisdom that is available to you at this time, so that you can get on board with what I am doing. You can be recipients of the good works that I am doing and receive the blessings that I desire to bring to you. Walk in a position of revelation and knowledge, peace, joy and safety, says the Lord.
Even though you see those you care about struggling, do not intervene unless I send you. The struggle is an important part of growth and individual strength both physically and spiritually. Do not do for others what they must do for themselves. But do support them with love and kindness.
Colossians 3:12 Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.
As I was seeking the Lord today, I was impressed to publish Proverbs 11.  I feel it is an important message for right now as we are supposed to be Jesus’ bride and be ready for His soon call. Dawne
Proverbs 11 (Septuagint)

Deceitful yoke balance scales are an abomination before the LORD; but a just weight is acceptable to Him. Where ever insult should enter there dishonor is also but the mouth of the humble meditates upon wisdom. The just forsakes regret in dying but beforehand the destruction of the impious takes place and incurs ridicule.  The soundness of the upright will guide them; and a fall will plunder the ones disregarding them. Possessions will not benefit in the day of rage; and righteousness shall rescue from death. Righteousness unblemished cuts straight ways; but impiety falls among injustice. Righteousness of upright men shall rescue them; but by thoughtlessness lawbreakers are captured. Of the coming to an end of a just man hope is not destroyed; but the boasting of the impious is destroyed. The just are taken from out of a trap; and instead of him the impious one is delivered up. In the mouth of impious men is a snare to fellow-countrymen; but the perception of just men is prosperous. By the good things of just men a city is set up; and in the destruction of the impious there is a leap for joy. By the blessing of the upright a city shall be exalted; but by the mouths of impious men it shall be razed. A man lacking of sense sneers at fellow-countrymen; but an intelligent man leads restfully. A man being double-tongued uncovers plans in the sanhedrin; but the trustworthy man in breath keeps matters hidden. The ones who do not exist with guidance fall as leaves; but deliverance exists in much counsel. The wicked man does evil whenever he mixes with a just man; and he detests the sound of safety. A gracious wife raises glory to her husband; but a throne of dishonor is a wife detesting righteous things. The lazy become lacking of riches but the vigorous establish riches. A merciful man does good to his soul; but the unmerciful totally ruins his body. The impious do unjust works; but the seed of the just is a wage of truth. A just son engenders unto life; but the persecution of the impious is unto death. Perverting ways are an abomination to the LORD; but all unblemished ones in the way are acceptable to Him. The one putting hands unjustly against a hand will not be unpunished of evils; but the one sowing righteousness shall receive a trustworthy wage.  As a ring of gold in a nose of a pig; so beauty to an evil-minded woman. All the desire of the just is good; but the hope of the impious shall perish. There are the ones sowing their own seed making more; and there are also the ones gathering having less. Every sincere soul is being blessed; but a man inclined to rage is not decent. May the one hoarding grain leave it to the nations; but a blessing be on the head of the one sharing. The one contriving good things seeks good favor; but the one seeking evil things, evil shall overtake him.  The one yielding upon his own riches, this one shall fall; but the one assisting just men shall rise. The one not being accommodating to his own house shall inherit the wind; and the fool will be a slave to the intelligent. From out of the fruit of righteousness germinates a tree of life; but the lives of lawbreakers are removed at unseasonable times. If then the just are hardly delivered, the impious one and the sinner, where shall he appear?

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