Word of the Lord Apr. 18, 21

This is a dynamic, spiritual time. So, I say arise and go forth with good expectations in these days regarding those things I will do on your behalf. For the darkness of this world is invading our space and is coming to bear upon this planet. But, you are children of the light. You are those I have chosen to spread the glory of My presence and power in these days. Know that I have chosen you for this special time, and I will empower you according to My Word and bless you according to My ways. Go forth in the power that I have provided.


Dark spiritual forces are trying to close in and choke out or obliterate the light of the Spirit of the Lord. Quiet your soul in an effort to realize the importance and necessity of pushing back the darkness with your belief and embracing light and truth. Break through difficult times by walking in the Spirit. 
Psalm 43:3 Oh, send out Your light and Your truth! Let them lead me; let them bring me to Your holy hill and to Your tabernacle.
Apr. 18, 21
Dawne Hallock

Daughter, thank you for seeking Me for Words today for My people.  I want to tell My people this:
• That I love them very much and am anxious to see them face to face, very soon.
• Stay in My Word.
• Keep telling people about Me and My plans for them.
• Keep looking up, as your redemption draws nigh.
• I am coming very soon to gather My bride out of the earth.
• Stay ready each day for My call by praying for others and repenting when you do something wrong.
• I want as many people as possible to be called home.
• Rest in My peace until I call.
Abba Father

Isa. 13:2-6  Lift up a sign upon a mountain plain! Raise up high the voice to them! Do not fear! Call for aid with the hand! Open, O rulers! I order and I lead them; giants come to fill My rage, rejoicing together and insulting. A voice of many nations upon the mountains, like many nations; a voice of kings and nations being brought together. Yahweh of Hosts has given charge to a nation of armed warriors. They come from out of a land at a distance, from the extremity of the foundation of the heaven; Yahweh and His armed warriors, to ruin all the world. Shriek! for the day of Yahweh is near and destruction by El Shaddai shall come.

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