Word of the Lord Oct. 18, 20

Many of you don’t understand the time and the season that you are living in. Many of you don’t understand that you are living in a time when I will bring your destiny to a fullness and perfection as I lead you and guide you into all that I have for you. So, get ready to move with Me. Get ready for this next leg of the journey to reveal to you the glorious things that I have for you in this season. Keep you eyes open. Keep your ears open. Go with expectation of meeting Me and finding Me in a brand new spiritual way, an unusual way, a way that you have not yet experienced, says the Lord.
In these uncertain times you can maintain solid footing by putting your spiritual life first. You are an eternal being, and your primary investment must be in things eternal. Yet many of you are focusing on day-to-day chaos. Set your sights higher and get your priorities in order. Separate yourself from the crowd and come away with Me. Let Me lead you in the ways of righteousness.  
Proverbs 2:20 So you may walk in the way of goodness, and keep to the paths of righteousness.
October 17, 2020 2:53 Am
Vin Strang
Hi folks may almighty God bless you all. I had a dream last week that woke me from my sleep.

In the dream I was outside my home talking to my neighbour when suddenly I saw planes and meteors falling into the side of the mountain near me. I rushed inside my house for safety. I opened my back door to see what was happening. As I did, I saw lights ascending rapidly from the ground into the sky. I knew it was the rapture taking place.

I believe that before this calamity comes that God will rescue His own. Take comfort for it is written that God has not appointed us to wrath.

1 Thessalonians 5:9-11 “For God set us not for wrath, but for the procurement of salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ, the One having died for us; that whether we be vigilant, or whether we sleep, together with Him we shall live. Therefore, comfort one another and let one build up the other one, as even you do.”

October 14, 2020 7:45 Am
Only A Grain Of Sand

What more can be said that has not already been said, My Children? The ones that are listening are few but have heard, have acted, have prayed, have interceded, they have prepared! They Are Ready!

The rest that are asleep, or closed their eyes and ears, mocked, derided or scoffed. They will have to live their own consequences. Those who did pay attention have been given much favour!

Many will run to take the Vaccine and then the Mark of the Beast! Will You? Your world is unraveling fast!

There is still time to Repent. But everyday that passes is one day less to make the changes you need to fulfill your destiny in My Father’s House. One day less to build the strength to withstand the total capitulation to the plans of the evil ones. One day less to prepare for the end of all you know, accepted as reality, took for granted in the past.

The Leaves Are Off The Tree. The Tree Stands Alone, Waiting. The Storm Is On The Horizon. Will The Tree Stand Or Fall? That Depends On you, My Children?

The raging winds may damage some of the branches, bend and sway the tree, but if you are rooted in Me, you will stand the test! If not you will fall and great will be your fall. You will be destroyed, thrown into the Lake of Fire, with all the weeds, tares and cockles.

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