Word of the Lord Aug. 9, 20

I would have you to be an overcomer. Overcomers are those who fight through every circumstance–every situation that is established against them. The overcomer is the one who casts down the vain imaginations and the arguments that the enemy brings against them. The overcomer lives in My promises. Choose to be an overcomer and begin today by the renewing of your mind in the truth of My Word.
When things become too difficult and complex, focus on the basics of what is important to your well-being.  Get back to the Word of God and the power of redemption through the Cross of Calvary.  Establish yourself again in things that actually matter in terms of eternity.  Refocus and regain your sense of simplicity.
1 Corinthians 1:18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
God is showing you beneath the surface of what the enemy does not want you to see. Doug Addison

The thief can have no power or place because you are not going after your own desires, nor can he give you other desires because you don’t want other desires.  When I was approached and tempted, the thief came with other desires that were not My desires.  That is why I said, “I’m not interested.  Get away  The Word of the Lord says this.  The Word of the Lord says this.  The Word of the Lord says this.”

Even now My Spirit is rising and revealing itself on the earth, for I am the living God, saith the Lord.  I am alive, I am not a dead idol.  I am not idle words, for when I speak, power and life goes forth by My Spirit to create what I have intended.  No matter what anybody else has intended, what I have intended to do will prevail and will remain.  It will remain.  It cannot be taken away.  It will continue to work, for My Spirit is working even now, even now in your midst and in the midst of the earth.  I am over the earth. I am working in the heavens. I am working on the earth.  I am working under the earth.  I am working.  My plans will prevail and My purpose will remain and you will see the glory of My name coming forth.

There are those who will praise Me and those who will curse Me.  Those who praise Me will be blessed of Me.  Those who curse Me will have their curses.  They will have nothing.  They will see nothing.  They will remain as nothing and all they do will just fritter away.  It is nothing and will never become anything, for I have not blessed what is cursed.

I have shown forth My ways.  Let the people see, believe and remain in My ways and they will see that all that is cursed will not prosper.  All that is cursed will not remain.  And they will say, “Bless Him for He has saved me from the curse,” or they will curse Me, for they will have thought that I sent the curse.  They have in reality cursed themselves by believing false gods and going after what is false, thinking that their life was their own.  They did get their way and not My way.

Understand today what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.  Those who are blessed cannot be cursed.  Those who are cursed cannot be blessed except they humble themselves under My loving hand and turn to Me for life.  If so, I will give it freely and they will know that the Lord has done these things, not they themselves.  They will know that it is I who reigns, who reigns forevermore, saith the Lord.
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