Word of the Lord Jun. 14, 20

Perseverance will pay off so stay with it and you will see a breakthrough. Doug Addison

Manifest Victory
June 13, 2020

My Daughter, write My words for those with ears to hear. You will see many more shakings, My children. Prepare your hearts. Satan can be the cause of distress, My children, as his minions are like a flood upon your earth now, influencing all they may. The influence and deception of the evil one spreads far and wide.

But hear Me when I tell you, My Holy Spirit is also spreading throughout the vastness of your earth. For to every action, there is a reaction. For as the darkness grows darker, My light within the hearts of many brightens and new hearts begin to realize who I am. All that comes upon you and your earth, I allow. If I do not allow it, it will not occur. I am sovereign. I am omnipotent. I am everywhere at all times. I explore the depths of every single heart. I know who is with Me and I know who will come to Me. I also know each heart of darkness, as well.

Some of My children will not escape an earthly death and they will lay down their lives in bold proclamation of My perfection. For they know in their hearts they will find rest in their own physical death. They know that their physical body is a shell and that their eternity belongs with their Creator. These walk bravely and do not stumble. They don My armor and will fight to bring My gospel to everyone they can until their last breath is drawn.

Your earth is entering the stages of the final battle and with this, I will pour out My Holy Spirit upon My own to overflowing. The strength of My light will shine brightly in the darkness and many will see My light and receive My mercy. Be glad in heart and do not fear, for My light will conquer all darkness. Be open now to hear My directives. Be still and ready to hear My voice for each step you take must be guided by My Holy Spirit now.

You are not your own, but you are not alone. Supernatural encounters await those who wait. Your armor is sure to fulfill its purpose. My vessels have been purged and are emptied of all that is not of Me. My vessels await for they are to receive the greatest outpouring to ever take place in history. It is My promise to fill to overflowing every vessel that has been prepared. These emptied vessels will become My great end-time army empowered by Me to do greater works. Lift your faces to your Creator now,
My loves. For what you could not achieve in the past will be achieved with ease now. And My own will bring My light into the chaos that is darkness. What has been hidden shall be exposed. And what was unknown will become known. The schemes of the enemy will be brought to light and many hearts will run to My open arms as he is exposed. Watch this unfold exactly as I say it will. Marvel at My power give to those who are willing to receive it. The victory that has already been won is about to manifest.

I love you, My children.
Yahushua Ha Mashiach

June 13, 2020 7:16 Am
Alan Carrico
Hello My son, this is Jehovah Elohim speaking with you this day. My precious children, why do you run from Me? I AM calling to you but you are not there. I AM coming very soon and if you are absent from Me when I call then you will suffer great loss. The earth will soon become unrecognizable as My just judgments are poured out. But what you are seeing now is all as a theater, where nothing is real, nothing is as it appears. The deception has come, but these are still yet birth pains. Soon the deception will be obvious to even the youngest child in My Kingdom and the differences will cause you to flee to Me for shelter. Those enthralled by the “theater” right now will soon come out of her and into My care.

Have patience, My children, for the time is very short indeed. The end of 2020 will be significantly different than the beginning as the enemy installs his plan. This is written, My children. Study My Word and be found approved for the coming of the Son of Man to receive you to Myself. I come quickly, My children. I AM.

Rev 12; Isaiah 45; Daniel 7

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