Word of the Lord Dec. 15, 19

Big changes are happening and something important is coming to you over the next two weeks. Doug Addison

I AM the great I AM, the first, and the last.
I AM He that died, and am alive forevermore.

155am: My son. Now I will tell you what needs to be addressed to My people.
Firstly: You won’t be here for another 10 years.
2nd: Stay vigilant, Because I never said, “You HAVE 10 Years.”
3rd: Preach the gospel every opportunity you have, for a lost soul may be in your midst.
4th: Fast and pray, that you won’t be entangled in your flesh anymore.

Mark 9:29
And He said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.
By SavingLives LLC

As the Spirit Saith…
NOV 30, 2019 11:46 AM
This morning, the Father spoke and instructed that the two words below be shared together.
November 24, 2019
My little ones,
Know ye not that the time is here when I make all things new? Make ready for the ceremony for My beloveds, My own special guests of honor. A privilege I have for those who’ve walked with Me in Spirit and in truth, without compromise, whom I chose out unto Myself before the beginning of time. They who’ve made ready themselves and their garments shall now experience the joy and crown I’ve prepared for them.
Hear ye! Hear ye! Ye guests of honor, be it done unto you as ye have so given unto Yahuah, your Elohim. As you seek His face, as you learned His ways, as you walk in truth with honor and dignity. It is you He has set apart unto Himself even especially to go for Him unto His people and teach them to so walk. Come now, for the gate is open; the entrance has come; it’s time to depart.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Peoples of the earth, for in but a moment, all will break forth and change as quickly as it came. Ye marvel when the Word of the Lord is preached, but you heed not. Now the judgments that break forth on every side and at every turn shall continue and continue lest ye turn and repent. This is the Word of the Lord, who has spoken. He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Now for they who followed My marvelous ways and were a sign and symbol to a people who would not acknowledge My ways, they it is whom you shall seek after to learn of Me, to receive anything of Me. For I called and you heeded not. I called and you answered not. What shall you say now in this your time of judgment?

I call away to a very special place those chosen in Me, they of Me, born of the flesh and of the Spirit, that I might endow them with all good gifts that allow them to go forth in My might and power. They who shall teach all nations and My hand will be upon them for the Spirit of Elohim shall come upon them and they shall do what no man did before them.

Take heed unto yourselves and marvel not at their speech but learn of their ways; for they walk according to the truth as My Son who came to lay out The Way before you. Follow them as they follow Him and be not estranged from the truth any longer; for it has come to set you free. Now shall you know that I am most holy and I have not changed. Yesterday, today and forever, I AM the same.
Scriptures: Psalm 24
November 30

My little ones,
My kingdom come; My will be done now on earth as the trumpet sounds and My own are called away – those who laid down and dedicated their sacrifices unto Me wholeheartedly. Now shall all know in these I am well pleased, for they sought not the pleasure of men or themselves but only Me. Now I’ve purposed to be such a time when you will see the transactions made for those who labored and sacrificed for Me.
I’ve also come as a thief in the night to those who rob and steal My precious ones from Me; who uphold a lie and live in fiction in order to gain what is not beneficial. You see, I see all and understand the hearts of ALL men, whether they believe Me or not. But what I say goes and I say by decree: to every man his due and just, for he is rewarded according to his work and the intentions, the greed, of his heart.

Now many will say My ways are unequal and My judgments are unfair. But who are you, vile and wicked, who know any understanding of what is just? Am I not the God who created the universe and put the stars in place? Is it not I who carefully calculated the course of the sun and set him in his place? Is it not I who wrote the scrolls long before ever a man was? Is it not I who weigh all in the balances to give what is just?
Repent, repent and you will be set free if you turn wholly unto Me and follow the path that was given. For many long for what is easy and makes them comfortable in their trespasses; but surely in the end, whatsoever man of you sinneth, he it is that shall die. Now shall I rescue those who’ve been underfoot, trodden and trampled by your rigorous efforts to sin. They it is who shall have a chance to speak as I uncover ALL sins. Come unto Me, repent that I may receive you, but know that judgment already has come.

To they who say they love Me, pray your heart says the same. But to those who dedicated themselves to serve Me AND obey, they now receive a sure reward. Justice has come – what dedicated ye yourselves to and what shall you say as judgment comes upon you? Look to Me, My Son, Yahushua, that ye might live, for in this hour all is made equal – to everyone their due and just reward.
Scriptures: Ezekiel 18

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