Word of the Lord Oct. 27, 19

Today is the start of something totally new for you. Doug Addison

The Purging Has Begun

Daughter the earth as you know it is undergoing a change. It is shifting, purging itself of the sin and blood that is on its’ hands. There will be a shaking and a quaking in the land, mountains, oceans and rivers as the tectonic plates beneath shift, slide together. This unsettling of the earth will be the beginning of the devastation to come. Right now the earth tremors and shakes, but soon the surface will shift and crack as lava erupts from beneath the surface spewing fire and fury upon the land. This needs be done because the earth is purging itself and cannot contain the weight of sin anymore.

There will be a purging too within My church as each soul goes through the process of sanctification by fire – a baptism if you will, to purge them of their former selves so that they may manifest the purity that lies beneath. I will wash them anew and remove the fleshly parts and free them from their worldly selves. Every trace of the world must be removed so that all that remains is a pure heart and a pure soul. I come soon My children, for My church – stainless, spotless and holy. So too must My sheep be – stainless, spotless, holy and righteous as I and the Father are.

Heaven awaits those who PERSEVERE, for the coming trials and tribulations are not for the faint of heart but for those who are persevering and forthright to the end. There is a heavenly reward that awaits My faithful ones who overcome and win the race of patience, overcoming all obstacles the evil one will place in their path like a blockade.

You must turn to Me in those days and in that hour with confidence, for I alone can save you from the horrors and atrocities to come. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing that lie in wait to deceive and ensnare you. You must look to Me in ALL things for I alone can protect and save you even unto death. Yes, I say death, because the hour of your destiny is upon you. Only those whom I may use and who truly serve Me will escape the fire of destruction that will overtake the world. Much loss of life, much atonement for the shed blood of those innocent lives that have been snatched away from Me WILL be required. But FEAR NOT! I will be with you always and see, have I not overcome the world? So too must you remove any trace of the world and its’ attachments, for was not Lot’s wife destroyed when she turned to behold the world she longed for?

Be careful whom you serve for no one can serve two masters. I am a jealous God and will exact My revenge upon those who fail to choose Me. The road to eternity is paved with deception and lies and fleeting treasures which last but momentarily. Seek My everlasting Kingdom where true riches alone remain.

I will provide, I will care for My own. But you must call out to Me, My children, for the hour is late indeed and I am returning soon, sooner than you expect! Look for Me in the clouds of glory! Lift your hearts, prepare your hearts to receive your King of Glory! I come My beloveds, I come soon for My glorious return!

Your beloved,
Yeshua Hamashiach
The Father and I are One
I Am that Am


Scripture revelation:
Isaiah 24:1 1 Behold, the LORD makes the earth empty and makes it waste, Distorts its surface And scatters abroad its inhabitants.

2 Timothy 2:21 21 Therefore if anyone cleanses himself from the latter, he will be a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.

Malachi 3:3 3 He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver; He will purify the sons of Levi and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer to the Lord an offering in righteousness.

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