Word of the Lord Oct. 6, 19

God is highlighting people around you who are in need of love and encouragement. Step out and see what happens. Doug Addison

My judgements will fall upon your land


My children the enemy is prowling like a lion for the kill. You must stay steadfast in Me and My Word. Nothing can tear you from Me if you cling to Me and My Word. The enemies time is so very short and he seeks to devour those that are Mine in Spirit and in truth. But he cannot touch those that are TRULY MINE for I will keep you sheltered under the shadow of My wings. Darkness continues to engulf your land. Can you not see this My children??? And only those that are truly Mine will find the light. I knew you before the creation of time. I counted the number of hairs on your head. Do you find this insignificant for a father that so loves his creation ?

Do not be deceived by the enemy that seeks to destroy those that are Mine; for I am your creator!! The one that gave you life!!I know every hidden secret in your life!!The deception that you try to portray to those around you. But in My mercy and grace I will forgive those that truly seek Me. For I am your Father in heaven! The creator of the universe. And nothing pleases Me more than My children that seek Me in Spirit and in truth.I will not fail you. I will be you anchor in the storm. Perilous times are coming My children. They are truly at the door! Yet your anchor is only in Me.

For nothing that comes on this land will bypass Me. I use every opportunity to turn those that have strayed towards Me.

For I so love each and every one of My children. My judgements will fall upon your land. They are here, as it is written. But know I am your safe haven when all else fails. The storms increase and seek to destroy you. Call out to Me and I will rescue you before it’s too late. For I give ALL those a last chance to repent and come to Me before destruction fills the land. You are Mine and I am yours. I will help to remove the blinders from your eyes that have been placed upon you so that you are unable to see My true light.

I am your ONLY GLIMMER OF HOPE!!! Seek Me while My light can be seen. For darkness comes swiftly to catch you off guard. And those that do not anchor themselves to Me shall fall into the pits all around them.

My mercy awaits those that lag behind.
Come quickly to My throne of faavour and mercy. Time is no more!!!
Yeshua Hamashiach

Message completed at 1212::: meaning In the shadow ( protection )

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Rarely have I received two words in one day but here is the second word I received today:

Keep yourselves Holy, for I am Holy!! Set yourselves apart from this world, even though you remain in this world! For I have called you unto Myself, those chosen and set apart from this world and all the distractions, away from the characteristics and traits of mankind. My ways are higher than yours. For truly what is man without his Heavenly Father?

I seek to bless those that humble themselves before My throne. For in reverence of Me you humble yourself before Me,  seeking My will for your life, on earth as it is in heaven!  My Kingdom WILL come on earth as it is in heaven for those whose hearts are humble before Me, for I am a man that cannot and will not lie to His children.

I am your Heavenly Father first and foremost. The creator of heaven and earth. And My glory shall and will shine for ALL to see.  My light will be a beacon to guide those lost and desire to seek Me and My light will shine on My humble servants that desire and have a heart after Mine. Look for that light! It will shine brightly in the darkness all around you. Follow that light and you will find Me. I am never far off for those that TRULY seek Me. My love is unending!  My hand is out stretched. Call upon My name and I will answer the call!

Yeshua Hamashiach
by Victoria Ang

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