Word of the Lord Aug. 18, 19

Things you have done in the past are coming back to you in a good way. Doug Addison

So be glad, not sad. Be glad. Lift your heart and mind to praise Me. Praise Me with all your heart. Commotion will depart. Although it may still remain, it will not be the same; for it will have no power over you any longer, as you have chosen the good thing.  You have chosen to praise Me and not to dwell on commotion or its cause, saith the Lord. I did not create it nor did I create you for it. I created you for joy and blessing.

Joy and blessing I have set before you. That is where you are going, so you might as well start rejoicing now in this moment, in this hour, in this time. Do not waste what I have given. Use what I have given you now and be thankful. Be faithful with it, for I have more coming and more is on the way.

Look to Me as the source, not to others. Many times I remove sources that I
have used because you look to them rather than to Me. So, what is the source? Think about it. Who is the source? Think about it. The confusion will disappear and things will get back on track. I have a plan for each of you. Is your source another person? Is your source yourself? Is your source stocks, bonds, or bank accounts? What is your source? Who is your source?

Everything changes except Me, saith the Lord. I am the Lord who never changes. Are you putting your faith in a source that is uncertain? Then you will have confusion. People change, economic and health situations change. Things happen. Where is your trust? Where is your faith? If your faith is in Me, you will never be confused, for I am the Lord who does not change.
Ps. Randy Brodhagen

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