Word of the Lord Apr. 7, 19

Answers you’ve been looking for are right in front of you, so reach out and take them. Doug Addison
May 6, 2019. There is an idea in your mind. You saw another believer whose dream and vision is already good, but it is now expanding. You know it will come into reality because you see that they have sought and followed Me in the past. Let your expanding dream be as an egg. Keep it warm and safe and, in the fullness of time, it will hatch. I will have the right people on hand to help bring this about.
April 6, 2019. You’re a “Paul” type of individual, a zealot to say the least. You’re the sort of person who easily makes a way for Me to be evident. You are a bold individual who does not shy away from My truth. Being vocal is commonplace for you and you do it with ease. Embrace the fact that you are a people person. Be careful not to step on people’s toes. The Church desperately needs individuals like you.
Acts 28:31 (TPT) “He continued to proclaim to all the truths of God’s kingdom realm, teaching them about the Lord Jesus, the Anointed One, speaking triumphantly and without any restriction.”  Kevin Robinson
April 6, 2019.  Today I call you to new life; new spiritual life that will bear dividends from Me throughout eternity… beginning now. This new life that I breathe into you is called revival. I want to bring to life something that has died or diminished in you. You no longer see or feel the impact of that which has diminished. I can change that. I call you today to refresh and renew the love for Me that has grown dim.
Psalm 80:18 (NASB) “Then we shall not turn back from You; Revive us, and we will call upon Your name.”  Jonas Bohlin

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