Word of the Lord Mar. 13, 19

In a vision I saw a guy riding a tortoise across a desert, which I believe is a symbol of the spiritual environment that we have been in for the past few months–rather dry and slow.  But, I heard the Lord say that these days are about over, and we will have multiple opportunities to leave the desert behind and move in a fresh anointing of the Spirit.
Psalm 63:1 O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.
New offers and promotions are coming both spiritually and in the natural realm. Doug Addison
March 13, 2019. It seems like you have one thing nailed down and another and another pops loose. You are wondering what you are doing wrong. You aren’t doing things wrong to cause this. It’s a fact — you are doing things right and also you are encouraging others to live according to My Word and promises. Satan doesn’t like that at all and is throwing a lot of discouraging things at you, hoping to knock you off what you ​are ​saying and doing.
1 Peter 5:8 (MOFF) “Keep cool, keep awake. Your enemy the devil prowls like a roaring lion, looking out for someone to devour.”  Bev Robinson
March 13, 2019. You already know Me as The Door. Now that you have crossed over My threshold, you will begin to see Me as The Framework to guide you. Open your eyes to see specifically where you are to go from here. Build your plans and strategies from My divine and limitless storehouse. Know Me as The Structure to delineate your every move. Don’t worry about which direction to go. I am Shepherding you every single step.
John 14:6 (TPT) “Jesus explained, “I am the Way, I am the Truth, and I am the Life. No one comes next to the Father except through union with Me. To know Me is to know My Father too.”  Kevin Robinson
March 13, 2019. Richness is part of your DNA because of Christ in you. You are My glorious ones, made in My image. Before you knew Me, you were a part of this world’s system. Now that you know Me, you are like Me! Christ became poor so you may become rich, rich in every area of your life. You are a heaven-dweller, seated with Me. All your needs are supplied according to My riches in glory, oh glorious ones.
2 Corinthians 8:9 (KJV) “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that ye through His poverty might be rich.”  Robin Robinson Bohlin

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