Word of the Lord Jan. 27, 19

You will be given some choices, but it will not be hard to decide because God is clarifying things for you. Doug Addison
“Supernatural Manifestation and Increase” 
“Step up! Stand up! Grow up in the faith! Prepare yourself for My coming. You are My Bride! Each part must do their part and My Church will behold My glory (My presence) and will be glorified in and through Me.
Believe Me and do what I tell you and you will see My results, for I will do it! You will see the increase as you abide in Me and My Word abides richly in you. For have I not said it, and will I not do it?
Be not caught off guard; be not found unduly unworthy, in strife, bitterness, hurt, and pain. Those too need not remain. Have nothing to do with those things For they are not of Me. No, My Spirit is of love, and that is why I am adored. For I have none of those evil things within Me, saith the Lord. That is why I am not divided, not able to be conquered; for I am the Lord, yes, I am the Lord and there is none like unto Me. I am to be adored.
Do not limit Me by your own understanding! There are no limits to what I have and what I desire to do for you. Believe Me and act on My Word. Ask Me what I want and how I want to do it. Then step out in faith. Ask, seek, and knock.
The waters did not part until they stepped into the water. Salvation did not happen until I gave Myself for you. Sow the seed I give to you and watch the tree grow and produce much fruit to My glory. Work My works and I will bring it to pass, for I work with you,” saith the Lord.
Pastor Randy Brodhagen
Minister of the Lord Jesus Christ

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