Word of the Lord Dec. 23, 18

Get ready for a creative download from Heaven with strategies and plans. Doug Addison
So love My people as I have loved you.  Care for them, look out for them, cause them to see the goodness of God and be able to know that there are those on this earth that they can trust as they trust Me who is above. Those three will remain.  I say, “I will remain, for I am Love.” I have put My Spirit upon you and in you.
You are now born of My Spirit from above And your spirit is love.
They are the things which I have given you from above.
They are My blessings which I have imparted to you:
My faith, My hope, and My love
That cause these things to come from above.
Your spirit will know
And will say, “Shut up” to your mind.
For your mind does not know which way to go.
Listen to Me and do not allow your body to control.
For your body will lead you and tell you,
This is the way to go.
Feed me, take care of me, look out for me,
I have appetites, you know.
But your spirit will say, “No, no, no.  that is not the way to go!”
The Lord has better things to come your way every moment of every day.
It’s easy.  It’s easy.  It just flows to you and through you, so allow it to happen.
Don’t hinder.  Don’t hinder.  No strife.  For God has given a better life.
Ps. Randy Brodhagen – Glory to God Ministries

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