Word of the Lord Nov. 25, 18

Things seem slow going but momentum is going to pick up this week. Doug Addison
To My precious children, I extend My hands and love to you all. I can see each and every one of your struggles. Your trials have been great, I know. I just ask you to hold on, as your journey is about complete. Though I cannot tell you My exact timing, faith and trust must run its course to perfection in all My beloved people. I am a God of order so no rock will remain unturned before I come for you. 
I tell you, remember this one thing beloved, a new beginning dawns and is within reach. Close your eyes and reach for it, for it is within you. As I abide with you every second of every day, My love has never wavered with the final words I spoke, “It is finished” as I bore all mankind’s sins through My precious blood. 
I say do not give in to shame, condemnation and self worth, as the devil and his forces throw fiery darts at you. Instead put on the Armor knowing that you will come through the fire as perfect, pure gold goes through the furnace and is poured into a perfect mold, you. Heaven awaits and it’s only a blink away. Are you ready? Yeshua Hamashiach
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In this year the Lord is calling for the aggressive patient endurance of the saints holding fast to that which is true, shunning evil, and having nothing to do with the futile nonsense and commotion of the world. But rather to walk, live and talk about the things of the Lord-righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Be encouraged. The Lord is with us. We will finish strong for the Lord Jesus is strong and mighty in us! Fear not for your life!
“Remain faithful to Me to the end and I will give to you the crown of life which I have prepared for you,” saith the Lord. “Hold My Word and practices near and dear to you. For I am with you to the end of this age.”
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