Word of the Lord Oct. 28, 18

Watch for significant dreams and prophetic promises from the past to come to light. Doug Addison
Oct. 21, 18
BROTHER NICK’S TESTIMONY (As given to sister Petra) Sister please read my testimony. It confirms what you are saying. God bless you sister. So this all takes place over the past 4 and a half years. 
My Mom and Dad are Pastors. Growing up I was a Christian and loved Jesus with all my heart. In the years that I had become a teenager our family moved to a new town to Pastor a Church. When I moved there I was determined not to be picked on and bullied in this town, as I was in the past towns, so I made myself very hard and followed the world. I was a drummer in our church and left and became a drummer in the world/bars. 
My parents always would invite me to church all the time to any event they could in hopes that I would come back to Jesus. In 2013 my Mom was praying for my Sister and I and she heard the Lord tell her to stop asking us to come to church and leave it in His Hands. That year I had a repeating dream over and over for months. In the dream I would be with my band playing in some bar, all of a sudden something would happen outside. Our band would stop playing and then everyone would run outside. When we got outside, everyone was freaking out and crying and screaming and no one knew what had just gone down, except for me. I knew in the dream that Jesus had just returned and I was left behind with everyone. I would wake up crying and all upset and very bothered by this dream. It went on for months and months until I could take it no longer. 
So I decided to re-dedicate my life to Jesus and got baptized as well. After I became a Christian the nightmare stopped, but I had one more dream. This dream took place in 2014. In this final dream, I was at home with my wife and we had just tucked our children into bed. When all of a sudden, something caught our attention outside. The dream was so real and everything about the dream was exactly what our house and everything really looks like in reality. My wife and I then went outside and stood in our driveway. We looked up into the sky and I saw 4 blood moons in a row, then a bright light flew over all 4 blood moons and to the right of the 4th blood moon the light spiraled into the brightest light I have ever seen, then it turned into big white rolling clouds and came directly at us. I turned and hugged my wife and cried out, “Save us, Jesus”! And then we were gone in the blink of an eye. 
I went on YouTube and started searching for someone that may have shared my dream. At that point I did not know about the 4 blood moons that would then happen in reality. When I found out that there were going to be these 4 blood moons, I was dumbfounded. Where I live in Canada we were only able to see one of the 4 blood moons. The only one we were going to be able to see was the 4th one. So on September 28, 2015 when it came to pass, that evening my wife and I went outside to watch it. When we got outside I could not believe my eyes, the last and final 4th blood moon was in the EXACT place in the sky as in my dream. As my wife and I stood in the exact same place as in the dream, my wife and I were so freaked out by this, as now part of the dream was happening in reality. 
After this happened all I knew is that Jesus wanted me to count something about the dream with the three things that happened in the sky. After that I did not know anything more until 2017, months before the Revelation 12 sign that happened on September 23, 2017. 
When I figured out that the number of days from the only blood moon that I saw, being the last one, until the Revelation 12 sign was 726 days and that in the Strong’s Greek concordance the 726th  word was, “Harpazo” I cried and worshiped and thanked Jesus for what He had shown me. 
From day one of having the dream that my wife and I saw Jesus return, I felt that Jesus wanted me to make a video about it, but I never did. Then last year when I realized this was part of what Jesus wanted me to count about my dream, the number of days from the last blood moon until the Revelation 12 sign, I told my Dad about it and he had me share it with our church. The Sunday that I shared it with the church, someone in our church video taped it and sent it to me. I then felt the Lord tell me to now put this video on YouTube. So the night I put it on YouTube, I tried to load it to YouTube, but because I had never put up a video, there was something YouTube needed me to do beforehand; to be able to put this video up, about the dream I had and the answer to the dream being Harpazo or 726….. 
When I finally had finished what YouTube needed me to do, the screen for YouTube said that they would call me in a second with a, “Confirmation Code”…. I looked at my wife and said watch this, Jesus is going to do it again. I could just tell in my soul. The phone then rang. I answered it and the recorded message from YouTube went as follows. “Your secret confirmation code is, “726-398” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked at my wife and I said you won’t believe this, it happened again. I told her that the Confirmation code was the exact code that Jesus wanted me to figure out about my dream, which already the first part happened exactly in the sky where the dream from Jesus said it would be. 
I then felt the Lord prompt me to go to the Strong’s Greek concordance again and see what the second part of the confirmation code meant. I then went on to the Strong’s and looked at what the 398th  word was and what it meant. The 398th word is, “Anaphaino”.  This word means, “I appear, as it were, out from the unseen. 
When I saw this I lost it, I cried and cried and thanked Jesus for what He had just done again, it was amazing. So coming to an end. I again felt the Lord prompt me to count 398 days from the 726th  day, which again was September 28, 2015 until September 23, 2017. So if you add 398 days from September 23, 2017, it brings us to Friday, October 26th, 2018. Which is the Feast of Tabernacles. 
I then wondered why it was not a year exactly from the Revelation 12 sign. I then felt the Lord tell me it was His mercy to give more than one year, so I was then told in my spirit to count how many days it was from the one year mark at September 23, 2018 being the one year mark until the 398th day or October 26, 2018 and the Lord told me the answer right away. The number of days between is, “33”, Jesus age. Of course right. So I feel Him say look at the 33rd  word in the Strong’s Greek Concordance one more time. The word that is the 33rd  word is the Greek word, “Age” and the definition of that word in the Strong’s is, “COME!” with an exclamation point. Look it up. 
So if you put all this information from the dream that Jesus gave into what I was told to count and figure out about it, it would read like this. 726-33-398 would read in the Greek ,” Harpazo age! anaphaino.” Or in English it would read, “Rapture Come! I appear, as it were out from the unseen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. I could not believe it. This is so miraculous it must be Jesus. 
There are four more things that went into play here that have me freaking out… in a good way. In 2014, my Daughter told me when she was 6 years old that Jesus told her in a dream that He would return some time between or around her 10th and 11th birthday. My Daughter turns 11 on October 25, the day before the 398th day on the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles, which is also the 3rd full moon in a row. That is impossible unless it is Jesus. 
Also in my dream I was in my driveway. Our family put our house up for sale in May of 2017 and we moved into a house that our church owns and we rented it from the church. We tried everything in our power to sell this house for a year and a half and it would not sell. So as I write this to you, I am sitting in the house where I had the dream and am looking at the very driveway that it happened in. My point is, if we had sold this house and not moved back into it last month, the dream would be incorrect for the part where I was when Jesus returned. So miraculously, I am back where it all happened. 
I said all of this as a witness and testimony of what our Lord Jesus has done and is about to do. I do not know anything for sure, but it sure seems like we are about to go home. Please join me in fasting and praying on the 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th. Each night go out into your driveway and thank Jesus for saving you. It is our blessed hope and I count it all as loss to gain Jesus. God bless you as we are in the last days. Also look at James ch.5 vs1 to 7. That is the Scripture associated with the extra 33 days of grace Jesus has given to the lost so that they might be found. The verse will blow you away. 
P.S. Oh yeah, the 4th  thing is, this all takes place in the 70th  year since Israel has become a Nation. God bless you and I hope we can meet when we get there. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. ~Nick~ Drums for Jesus (Drums) YouTube channel

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