Word of the Lord Sept. 23, 18

Watch for prayers and things you asked for years ago to suddenly start happening. Doug Addison
A Word from the Holy Spirit to encourage you:
“Learn to see with your heart the things your eyes cannot.
I need more workers, those who are willing to be bold in their faith, standing in total submission to My will.  Will you lay down your lives to save it?
Come now to the Shepherd who dearly loves you.  Seek Me in all things and above all things.   Rest in Me awhile, many of you are weary.
My restorative power transcends the earthly understanding.  I Am the son of the one and only God.  So many are lost.  Lost in fear, sin and degradation.  I wish to wash them of their filth. The filth of the world is so pervasive.  The sin is rampant, even amongst the Christians; slippery slopes leading to the pit. Come now, come quickly.  I am here waiting for you to call unto Me.  I am listening.”  
Ps. 118:4-9
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Sept. 3, 18
I had received a Word from the Lord about 7 days something major was going to change.  When I didn’t see anything change, I asked Him about it.
Sept. 10, 18
When I asked the Lord why He gave me 7 days if nothing was going to change and the message ended up disappointing many including myself. I received a cryptic but clear answer that “things have changed and the wheels of great destruction are in motion. The spiritual war (Kingdom against Kingdom – that is the spiritual kingdom of light vs kingdom of darkness as opposed to the nation vs nation which is in the physical realm) has begun. The war has begun – for real, on earth.” And He showed me that even the hurricanes which are now visible were re-intensified or created on 10th night!!! I am still not clear if He meant that they are man made satanic HAARP activity or acts of God, so I can’t comment on that. 
He said people are not prepared despite many of His warnings through many children of God, as to what is now beginning to play out. I was also given a verse from Jeremiah – “There is a sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet”. He gave me a vision of tidal waves hitting shorelines all over the world. All I can say is it has begun even though it is not fully visible to us as yet in the physical world.
A sobering message for those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus Christ. And a delightful message for those who live in the Lord. Tribulation begins in a week. God bless you all!
Another amazing message from the Lord for those who have unsaved family members; given that I too have family members that are not saved. Breaks my heart but the other day when I was praying over it, the Lord told me that He has a great mission for them. After we’re gone, they’ll realize we weren’t crazy after all and will turn to the Lord and become mighty and powerful tools for the Lord in the Tribulation period and return as heroes once it’s over! Trust in the Lord. He has a plan for everyone!
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