Word of the Lord Aug. 26, 18

Aug. 19, 18
This is what Holy Spirit gave to me: Pray and ask Father 🙂 Jesus. He loves us!
Yesterday when I was mowing the grass Jesus/Holy Spirit reminded me that I forgot to encourage.
This word is for all those who do not feel worthy, who know they fall short of the glory of God daily. For those who sin, yet repent because of their love for Jesus. This word is for the misfits, those who don’t fit in. This word is for those Christians who don’t have it all figured out – who don’t claim to know it all. Who have attained, or believe they have learned all they need to know. (That is when the spiritual growing stops). 
Holy Spirit put upon my heart Psalm 92: ”Praise to the Lord for His Faithfulness. 
This confirms something that the Lord showed me the other day when I did yard work. I had on my prayer path, grass that I didn’t want there and weeds. He reminded me of the weeds(Tares) and the wheat growing together. 
He also reminded me that the Tares are the wicked and evil ones. The wheat are the good & the repentant. In verse 7, it says the wicked spring up like grass.” This was 100% confirmation of what HE was sharing with me the other day. Holy Spirit also gave me the analogy that in life weeds can be like,” bitterness, unforgiveness, hard heartedness, unkindness. Hatred, judgmental, resentful & prejudice. 
These are just examples. I realized also it’s much easier to grow a weed, they grow much faster. We must work harder at removing these things from our lives so Father can work amongst us. Jesus wants to create in us a new heart, a heart that is kind like His. 
This is also confirmation for my word yesterday that fire = God’s judgment. My watchwoman told me all of the place in the world that are on fire. I don’t watch the news, and had no idea how many At least 10-16 places are burning. {California, Arizona, Canada, Greece, Portugal, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Washington, New Mexico, Arctic Circle, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Nevada & Texas.}
If we look at Matthew 13:10, The man who sowed the seed who now had tare with his wheat said, ”First gather the Tares and bind them in bundles to burn them, but gather the wheat into my barn.” 
The wheat is the harvest – those that endure; the people of God’s bounty. Gathered up (to go to heaven 13:24) the Tares are the weeds that his enemy sowed into the field. The Tares (the wicked), HE (God) will burn, (remove) – then collect HIS harvest.
The Holy Spirit told me “
“ Resilience.” 
noun: resilience; plural noun: resiliences; noun: resiliency; plural noun: resiliencies
the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
Come now and while you’re in My presence, saith the Lord God, for I am the King of kings and Lord of lords; the most High God. I am the shelter amidst the storm, there is no other dwelling place that provideth comfort as I can.  Come dwell while I Am nigh . I am calling a people, a Holy remnant to gather for My harvest. Those who have endured life long sufferings amongst the Tares, the wolves, and the jackals. I AM He the one who created thee, I am your shelter and your divine Love. I call upon My Remnant to procure My bounty in these last days. 
Do not leave your posts, tarry not in the past. Leave what is behind and seek what lies ahead. I am your light upon the path of righteousness for MY namesake.
Seek ME now, it is time for My coming. You have been tested and tried and yes, you are worn and war-torn, yet resilient until the end. There is more to endure, but do not lose faith, I AM coming for you. I AM coming soon.  No one knows the day nor hour, but you can read the signs of the times. For My Word says so, who can read these signs and not say, HE is near, He is coming?
You cry out to ME and I listen. I hear every cry and I collect every tear. My children, My love for you is imperishable. Say to yourselves, ”Let us endure for today.” I will come, for all to see, that My Remnant is dear to ME and I have not forgotten My flock. “ 
Many are worn, come rest in ME, I am your peace and comfort. I am your security. I created you, do you not believe that I can also protect you?” I am here waiting, for your prayer, for you to call unto Me. Fear not, I keep My promises and MY Word does not change. “
Have faith, endure the hardships, I will procure My bounty. I will procure what is MINE.
Get ready.
Those who wait on Me will soar like eagles! 
You are My friend indeed, if you hear Me and obey My Words.
You will not be put to shame. 
Labor pains are growing more intense by the minute!
The Great Awakening is come! Arise! Shine for your King!
I make all things new!
Blow the trumpet! Shout for Me! Ring the alarm! 
Ha’ Kodesh! Roshashana!
As Elijah was taken up in the whirlwind, so too, will you be, My people!
Chariots of Fire await!
I must ask: 
Do you agree with me that Jesus Christ is the son of God and came to the earth in human form?
Yes, it is I. I am the only way to be saved through faith in My finished work on the cross.
Wake up and smell the roses! They were picked just for you!
Wonders beyond majesty!
My kings and queens! My royal priesthood!
Choose you this day whom you will serve!
Destruction and doom come to an unrepentant people. 
Children! Await My coming. Hold fast in your faith. 
Song: Trust and Obey
Me: Lord, is it true? Is it Roshashanah? 
Wait and see! Truly, truly, I am coming. 
Perverse Generation!!!
Prepare for war!!! Drought!! Famine!! Pestilence!! 
The time of Jacob’s trouble is at hand!!!
My workers have set up safe havens for the lukewarm who won’t believe until their family members disappear! 
Signs and wonders! Miracles! I protect My own! No one can take you out of My hand! Abide in Me! Abide in My Word and you will live! 
When they say peace and safety, sudden destruction comes!
I am the light and the life of this world. Abide in Me through faith. 
Oh! How the mighty will fall! I laugh at your plans! You will be destroyed suddenly! Judgment is at your door!
Be brave! Be strong in your faith! I am always with you! Encourage others with these words!
My love conquers all and will be made manifest in this generation in My people! 
Saints! Fight the good fight of faith! You have already won and your prize awaits!
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