Word of the Lord Aug. 19, 18

Watch for something very significant to happen for the good. Doug Addison
Word for today: Matthew 6:1-4
When you do not see what people do for you in secret, grumbling robs you of what God is working on for your benefit. Same goes for the good deeds you do, God is working on your blessing, in secret. Expect from God, not people, for what is coming. He is the provider, not our work, our plan, our provision. Set your heart on the Lord and He blesses the work of your hands. I love you all.
Posted by Chrissy Hallock
In former days I did certain things.  Today I do new things.  Tomorrow I do the same, for that is what I do, saith the Lord.  I doeth good.  I know not how to do anything but good.  I am doing good.  I will look at it after I do it, and I will say, “It is good.”
Be sure of this very fact today, this is what the Spirit of the Lord would say,
“My blessing is upon you where ‘ere you go: blessed in the city, blessed in the country, blessed coming in, blessed going out.  Allow My Spirit to fill you to overflowing with that blessing, and you will know, yes, that whatever you ask in My name I will do.  You will see that which you speak in My name comes to pass.
What you speak on this earth, I will honor in heaven, and it will last.  You will see that there will be a blast from the past, for the past will be blasted, and the past will be removed.  The hindrances that have bound you, and the curses that were upon you, have been broken by My Spirit.  Think not on the former things.

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