Word of the Lord Jul. 1, 18

You will need to expand your understanding of what is possible for those who believe. Doug Addison
You don’t know, many times, how to pray. Even when you pray in the Spirit by My Spirit, you still let your mind get in the way, for you do what you understand.
Truth will come in the uttermost parts.  Understanding will come, yes.  For those who delight in Me, I will give them the desires of their hearts.  Their hearts are set upon Me, and I keep them in perfect peace.  Lean not to your own understanding.  Your own understanding leads to trouble, for you don’t stand anymore.  No, you fall.  “Pride cometh before the fall.”  Lean not to your own understanding or your own futility of thinking.  You do not understand or obey Me when you do such things.  No, lean to Me, lean to My understanding.  Yes, I will help you.  I will show you.  Sometimes what that simply means is… trust Me.
Pastor Randy Brodhagen – Glory to God Ministries

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