Word of the Lord Jun. 17, 18

Indeed, it is a season of transformation; of transforming glory. Transformation is always required when you move into a new season. The new season is before you; it has been declared; it has been prophesied; it has been spoken of. Your doorway is opened. For, I know that you will be able to find Me in a fresh way as the streams of life and reality begin to overflow and touch you. They will indeed give you the opportunity for the change that is required to come into this new joy of life in this season, says the Lord God.
God is going to reveal hidden plans the enemy has been using against you in the area of your destiny. This includes health, relationships and financial breakthroughs. God is releasing new prayer strategies that will help you get your breakthrough. This is a time in which the Lord is going to reveal and heal things that have been holding on.

Great things are coming to those who have waited and persevered through the storm. Doug Addison

Nothing can hinder.  Nothing can suppress.
Nothing can take away from that which is blessed.
“Even now I am calling.  My Spirit is calling throughout the earth, ‘Come, come to Me, you who are heavy laden and burdened down.’ Yes, come to Me, you who are sick.  You who are lost will be found.  Yes, come to Me, you who have no purpose and no meaning and I will give you life abundantly.  I will bring you into all that I have prepared.  You will enjoy My pleasures forevermore.  Come to Me.
My Spirit is flowing freely, freely in the earth.  Noting encumbers it, nothing hinders My Spirit from flowing, for I flow where I will and I do what I will.  None can stop Me.”
By Pastor Randy Brodhagen

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