Word of the Lord Jun. 3, 18

Watch for God to bring supernatural encounters, dreams and visions over the next 7 days. Doug Addison
Come, Holy Spirit, come, come, come forevermore
We welcome You.  We await Your return
Lord of Heaven, come, come, come, come for Your own
Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly, Lord Jesus, come, come.
Show Yourself mighty, come, come,
Come, come, Lord Jesus, come, Lord Jesus
Be the Lord of our lives, be the Lord of our lives
In every way, in every way.
Come, Lord Jesus.
As I freed My people from the bondage of depression, loneliness, and separation, I loosed the Spirit of praise and the Spirit of joy within their hearts.  The Spirit of overcoming.  Overcoming in My name was loosed.  Even so, what you experience now in My presence is pleasing to Me, saith the Lord.  It is a sign of liberty.  It is a sign of freedom.  It is a sign of overcoming.  The voice of triumph and the voice of praise shall be lifted from your lips.  As you raise your hands to Me, My anointing flows upon you and is for you.  It is with you.
I say unto you, I am opening up the doors of Heaven.  I am opening up the doors of utterance.  I am opening up new ways to express My truth, My plan, and My purpose throughout the earth.  I am desiring that these days be blessed days for My people, and I am opening up and preparing the way.  It will not be a long time before things happen.  They are happening even now, saith My Spirit to My people.  I am doing a good, quick work; and it will be done.  I desire many, yes, I desire all, to come unto what I have prepared.  Not all will come in, for they will not desire, but that is not My concern.  My concern is to make available everything that they might come and receive.  Yes, even now, I am preparing a table before My people.  I am preparing a table before the people of the earth.  I am saying, “Come.  Come, for what I have prepared is a blessing for you.  Come and receive from Me.”
​Ps. Randy Brodhagen, Glory to God Ministries​

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