Word of the Lord Dec. 25, 17

I would have you to be free of anxiety and worry. Let faith arise so that you will be able to overcome everything that comes against you in this season. I am with you and empowering you.  My Spirit has been sent to you to enable you to respond from a place of faith to receive everything that I have for you in this season and the years beyond.  Come and be one with Me, says the Lord God Almighty.
Be on the lookout for various elements of your life to fall into place, and it will be right for you to make the changes that you have considered. There is a time and a season when everything lines up with My will and purposes for you, says the Lord.  That time is just ahead of you.  Do not lose hope.
Ecclesiastes 3:17b “For there is a time for every purpose and for every work.”
Those who have been running low on hope or had their dreams dashed—you can expect an amazing change this Christmas season.  God is going to visit you with a greater understanding of your calling and reveal why things have been so difficult to break through.  Expect God to speak to you and bring you some type of gift from Heaven. Doug Addison
By Lana Vawser
Last night I had a dream that had many layers to it but I felt the Lord wanted me to release part of the prophetic word contained in this dream.
In the dream I began boldly prophesying, “GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!!!!”
Instantly the sense surrounded me of the encouragement of God to those who feel like they have been overlooked; those who feel like they have been forgotten by the Lord and those who feel like they have not been seeing the fruit of their labours.
I want to prophesy over you today that the Lord has not forgotten you. I prophesy over you in the name of Jesus Christ that your best days are upon you and the Lord is setting the stage for your greatest days of breakthrough, divine connections, networking, suddenly moments and fruitfulness.
Many of you have been feeling like your land has been dry, you have sowed for SO long and you have not seen the fruit of your sacrifices and the seeds of obedience, but friends, the Lord has NOT forgotten you.
In the dream after I prophesied about not being forgotten, the presence of God was so strongly in the room, I opened my mouth and decreed:
“You are NOW moving into your greatest days of seeing the GREATEST DEMONSTRATIONS of the FAITHFULNESS OF GOD than you have ever seen before.”
Where the enemy has attempted to keep you in darkness, where the enemy has whispered to give up on your promises or give up hope on the breakthrough, the Lord is BREATHING HOPE on your breakthrough. He is breathing LIFE on your dry bones. He is breathing LIFE on the PROMISES that even YOU have FORGOTTEN.
The Lord is calling many of you out of the caves of HIDING. Where you have felt forgotten and like nothing is ever going to shift, the Lord is TURNING THE LIGHTS ON. He is turning the LIGHTS ON YOUR PROMISES by His faithfulness and His truth. He is bringing you back into the light. No longer will you be tormented and crushed by the heavy feeling that the Lord has forgotten you, the EXACT OPPOSITE is about to be demonstrated.
The Lord is about to show you how He is PRESENT with you, how He is FOR YOU and how He has NOT FORGOTTEN YOU and about to release to you blessings in acceleration and increase bigger than you have even imagined. (Ephesians 3:20, Amos 9:13-15)
I also saw MANY who are feeling overlooked in being used by the Lord. Many who have been feeling like their giftings or their destiny has been lost or forgotten, I prophesy over you right now in the name of Jesus that SUDDEN POSITIONING is coming upon you by the hand of God. Many that have been overlooked, God is going to now position in this season at the forefront to CARRY a fresh move of His Spirit.
I also saw those like David who have been “out in the field”, stewarding with purity, integrity and obedience what the Lord has called them to, and worshipping the Lord and investing into their relationship with God… I prophesy over you in the name of Jesus, the Lord is now calling for you and you are about to be anointed and appointed for a great move of the Spirit of God. Now is your time. The call may feel greater than you can carry, the assignment may feel larger than you imagined, but the Lord has been preparing you in the field for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

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