Word of the Lord Dec. 10, 17

The Wind of Change blows things into place and what might look uncertain and chaotic right now will soon be much more orderly.  Doug Addison
Dec. 9, 17
Part of a personal message to me: “I see your struggles. I see your hardships. I feel your pain and fear and loneliness. I am with you, My son. You feel Me and you know this. I am bringing you home, Jordan. It will be so very special My son; a very special moment that you and I will share together. It is coming very, very soon, My son. You are about to cross that finish line, son. Dry your tears, My son. I told you some time ago that you would make it as long as you stayed close to Me and you have done that.” Yahushua
Jordan Christopher
March 22, 2017
Pray! Tell them to pray, daughter. I Am coming soon, the time is upon you. I will not give you a date, for then, My enemy would know this, too. You know to be ready. Be patient a little while longer. And soon you will be dancing with Me. Yes, My love, we will be dancing. All of you who are My Bride will soon understand fully all that I have been telling you. You will understand the secrets that cannot be fully disclosed to you yet. My enemy is so cunning. He thinks he has it all figured out, but Nay, I say, he does not! He will not win. He will not get as many souls as he thinks he will. Trust in Me when I say this. 
Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world. You will soon be proving this to the world, those not ready, those who won’t get out of the world, or the worldly churches, those who worship Me with their mouths, but not with their hearts. You will be proving this to them. Remember, I said, “Greater things than these shall you do?” What things? The miracles I did, you will do and more, on a larger scale. Just wait and see. You will be amazed. The world will be amazed, shocked and sorry for not believing. Worry not for I am with you. I have you. You are Mine. And I know all things. Satan does NOT! This is war! We will win, but he knows that, and is angry about that. He knows his time is short. 
Stay ready, keep on your spiritual armor. Continue to do what you are doing. Tell everyone to pray for continued strength and wisdom and complete filling of My Holy Spirit. He is the Source of your power from on high. 
(Then I received word of a sermon by Charles Lawson) “Yes, Charles Lawson is preaching a lie when he speaks of tongues not being needed. People who believe they must pray this way in a known language (praying in tongues but it is a known language) are wrong. There is no need for you to prophecy in a foreign language – not in most places. I AM in control of that. I love it when you communicate to Me in your heavenly language. My children who refuse to want this, or even believe in it, they will understand after they are left behind. My Bride understands. My Bride speaks intimately with Me. 
Then I asked, “Lord, what about the infirm, old people, mentally disabled?”  He said, Do not worry about these, some are dead to Me already. Some are Mine, they will be protected. Some will be raptured up here with My Bride. 
Then I prayed in the Spirit some more. 
“Yes, those who are dead to Me have blasphemed the Holy Spirit and that is an unforgivable sin. I said that in My Holy Word, and I meant it. Many are guilty of this who don’t even know it. Those who say what My Holy Spirit does, is “of the devil” are blaspheming the Great Power of the Holy Spirit, yet there are imposters: satan has his counterfeits and many have seen this. So I will know who is genuinely concerned about this, versus those who just refuse to believe that My Holy Spirit does work in My people: those who display the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Desire discernment, ask for it. Seek it, and you shall find it. Ask for it, and you shall get it. You need to discern the difference, My children. Know before you speak out of ignorance: who is working for Me, versus who is serving satan, the enemy of enemies.
People will perish for lack of knowledge. But that doesn’t mean they all go to hell. If you are repenting of your sins, living for Me, if you die in coming disasters, you will end up with Me. So do not worry about that, because worrying will not add a single day to your life. 
Pray and rejoice, worship Me. Keep Me first. And tell others. You all have a responsibility to tell others what you know. I AM coming soon for My spotless Bride, but then I will come for the rest of My Church, and every eye will see Me, even those who pierced Me. Yes, as it says in the Scriptures, everyone will see Me and many will mourn because they have not received Me into their hearts. Yet, they will know instantly Who I AM and what they have done. 
And for so many, it will be too late because they have already taken his side. Yes, daughter, I mean they received the Mark of the Beast into their right hand. Any other chip, such as in the arm for a company ID, RFID, and similar devices, are NOT the Mark of the Beast. People will take it in their hand for convenience at first. Then for health care, then because you have to. And by then, it will be too late. This is coming soon but not until My Bride is gone.
Yes, I have spoken these words, daughter. I have warned and warned and warned. You have heard Me right. So keep telling them: REFUSE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!
Your Yehushua HaMachiach, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. And I love all of you, and I want you here with Me. Do you want ME? Do you really? Share this children, with as many as you can. 
Jeannie Hardesty

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