Word of the Lord Nov. 4, 17

Get ready to see the fulfillment of, “Everything is possible for those who believe.”  Doug Addison
November 4, 2017. There are events ahead that you will miss. All of this is necessary in the whole scheme of what I am doing. Some people will be sad, others will see the importance and a couple will hardly notice. Don’t worry about it. You are doing the best you can. Before these events happen, you will wonder if it can be helped. No it can’t. Be at peace. Everyone won’t be pleased. All is under control. So enjoy yourself.
Romans 12:18 (NASB) “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.” Bev Robinson
November 4, 2017May the thoughts you have toward things which are unbelievable be changed over toward the believable. Don’t be like the Apostle Thomas, who had to see in order to believe. Open your mind to think outside the box, for I cannot be boxed in. Get beyond your self-imposed constraints which keep you from experiencing the fullness of who I am. I am true to life. I am credible. I am authentic and acceptable. Rely on Me.
John 20:29 (NLT) “Then Jesus told him, “You believe because you have seen Me. Blessed are those who believe without seeing Me.”  Kevin Robinson
November 4, 2017. When you truly seek My Kingdom first for your life, the answers to everything else seem to be clear. If your choices are based on the circumstances around you, then you are locked into the answers the world has to offer. Those answers give rise to unanswered questions. Let Me reveal My Kingdom to you. Watch as I cause everything else to pale in comparison to the abundance that I have provided for you!
Matthew 6:33 (NASB) “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”  Jonas Bohlin

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